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How to keep your air conditioner running efficiently

By regularly cleaning and maintaining your aircon, you will save money on electricity consumption of your unit, as a cleaned air conditioner uses around 30% less electricity than a dirty one. Another benefit of having a clean unit, are the health benefits, due to aircon filters often being contaminated with dust and pollen and this air being circulated throughout your home, which could cause allergic reactions and asthma. You can also save on potential high replacement costs by picking up on any leaks or fixes needed early on, as well as extending the life of your aircon.

An air conditioner consists of an evaporator and blower motor (internal unit) and a condenser coil and compressors (external unit). We have compiled a list of some easy DIY checks and steps you can do, to maintain and clean your air conditioner yourself. We do, however, recommend to always use a qualified technician for proper maintenance and services to ensure that your unit remains under warrantee.

Firstly, you will have to switch OFF the power of the air conditioner, to avoid getting hurt by any moving parts or live electricity currents.

Remove any build up, dirt and debris that you see. You can remove the fan cage and remove any other dirt.

Now you can clean the aircon condenser coils by using a garden hose and your thumb – do not use a pressure hose and never mix the water with chemicals or cleaning agents. Spray the fins from the inside out to remove any other dirt in the unit.

If you see any fins that are out of place or bent, straighten them very carefully. Please note that they are very fragile, so do not apply force.

Place the fan grill back and clean any other dirt and debris that has accumulated outside the air conditioner. Ensure that the outside units of your air conditioner have around a meter of free space around them to avoid access dirt entering the unit. Cut away any branches to ensure that the unit can operate as efficiently as possible.

The air conditioning unit has to be level to operate efficiently. Check this and shift the unit to be level.

You can now clean the evaporator coil of your air conditioner. You might have to remove some screws and duct tape to clean the coil. Use a soft brush to lightly brush the coil and spray it with no-rinse coil cleaner and clean the drain pan as some of the water might drip down.

Change the filter of your air conditioner twice per year, especially if you stay in a very dusty area. This should be done just before summer and again before winter. Switch the old filter with a new one and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is installed correctly.

Now you can ensure everything is closed properly and dry and switch ON your air conditioner again.

Remember, you can always call our technical helpline for any queries you might have...