What is the difference between a Standard Aircon and an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Standard Air Conditioner: A normal (non-inverter) or constant speed air conditioner has a compressor running at a fixed speed on 220 VAC. It is controlled by a temperature controller switching the unit on and off. A non-inverter unit, although significantly cheaper to buy, does consume about 1.4 times more electricity. This unit will be effective when running at maximum setting for long periods.


Inverter Air Conditioner: An inverter type air conditioner operates with 220 VAC that is converted to VDC to be able to run the DC compressor at variable-speeds to match a desired load/temperature. This results in a much more economical operation that is more energy-efficient. This unit will be more expensive to buy, but can save you in the long run-on operating costs. It also is a good selection when you know your unit demand is not near a 100 % load for the majority of the time. This is where you will get a substantial saving on electricity usage.

Payment options

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How delivery works

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