Aircon Online Avoid Repair Scam

Are you scared of falling victim for an air conditioner repair scam? Read all about avoiding this here:

How to avoid an air conditioner repair scam

We keep on mentioning that you have to maintaining your air conditioner. But how will you know if the repair man is not scamming you, should your air conditioner be in need of a repair or if a repair is really necessary? We have compiled some tips to assist you in this regard…

Troubleshoot your aircon:

If you air conditioner is giving you problems, check if your filters are clean, do you see any leaks and if your thermostat is still working.

Are you covered?

Check your warranty and guarantee to determine if your unit is still covered by the manufacturers or installers terms.

Research first:

You can view a list of our approved service providers. Alternatively, before allowing just anyone into your home or office, research them on the internet to determine if the repair company seems legit. You can also see if there are any reviews left or if you can get details of some previous clients for references.

Get in quotes:

Get in multiple quotes for the same job to determine if someone might be over or undercharging and if the services included all of the same items and guarantees offered.

Invoices and contracts:

Once you have chosen a supplier ask for the service/repair details to be sent to you in writing so that you have some security. Ensure that your terms are met and that you have a safety buffer should something go wrong. Also ensure that you have an agreement with the service provider should there be additional charges, as well as discussing the payment terms before going ahead.

A service or repair of your air conditioning unit does not have to be daunting. Don’t be fooled by a too cheap offering and conduct enough research to ensure that you have hired the right person for your needs.

Remember, that you can have a look at our approved installers, to ensure that you get reliable service.