Aircon Online Aircon Maintenance

Many of us take the cooling ability of an aircon for granted and don’t realise how hard the unit is actually working in the South African heat. In addition to this, air conditioning units also have the ability to heat us up in winter, hence it is of utmost importance to maintain the unit regularly to ensure that it functions efficiently.

By servicing your aircon, your unit can perform at its best and remains more energy efficient, as aircons can lose over 5% of their efficiency per year. Proper maintenance also reduces the risk of your unit needing to be fixed for breakages.

Depending on usage, your unit has to be serviced at least once a year by an experienced technician. If you do use your air conditioner throughout the whole year, it is best to service it twice per year. If you stay in an environment that is very dusty, such as some mining towns, more regular services might be required.

We can refer you to one of our experienced technicians to conduct this 10 Point air-conditioner maintenance check:

  1. Refrigerant
  2. Refrigerant Pressure
  3. Air flow
  4. Air filters
  5. Electrical signals
  6. Compressor
  7. Thermostat
  8. Lubrication
  9. Drain lines
  10. Capacitors

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