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The difference between Split Unit Air Conditioners and Console Air Conditioners

What is the difference between a Split Unit Air Conditioner and a Console Air Conditioner?

We are often asked what the difference is between a split unit air conditioner and a console air conditioner. To make an educated decision on the best unit for you, have a look at the pros and cons of each type.

Image - Split Unit Air Conditioner - Image - Console Air Conditioner

Split Unit Air Conditioners

Split unit aircons consist of two separate units: the indoor unit containing the fan coil and the outdoor unit comprising of the compressor and condenser. Even though these units might be more expensive up front, they are more energy efficient, resulting in long term savings. Split unit air conditioners are much more appealing and can add ambiance to your home of office.


  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Lower noise emission.
  • Less maintenance required – the filters will have to be cleaned every few months.
  • More appealing to the eye and complementing the interior of the room.


  • More expensive – split units can be more expensive than Console Units, however at Aircon Online this is not necessarily the case.
  • Higher installation fees – due to the indoor and outdoor unit having to be installed.

 Console Air Conditioners

Console aircons, also known as Window air conditioners, are typically installed in the windows of homes or offices and contain all components in one unit. These air conditioning units are hence easier to install and could even be installed by yourself, however, we would always recommend to rather use one of our approved installers to assist you with this process.


  • Easy installation.
  • Lower installation fees.
  • Less expensive – these units can often be up to 40% cheaper upfront, however, at Aircon Online we offer such a wide variety of split unit aircons that you can find much more affordable options here.


  • More energy consumption.
  • More noise emission.
  • Higher security risk – the aircons can be stolen easier as they are one unit only.
  • Obstructing the view and covering up windows.
  • More intricate maintenance due to all components being inside one unit.

We hope that you now know which unit is better for your needs.

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