Aircon Online Sleep Better

Do you sometimes struggle to fall asleep? If so, we have some simple tips and tricks to follow to assist you with falling asleep, as well as some additional tips for the South African summer months.

Wear comfortable, cotton pyjamas:

Synthetic materials can result in your body sweating more, so wear comfortable cotton pyjamas, as cotton can cool down your body temperature, by allowing sweat to evaporate.

Invest in proper bedding:

Not everyone can afford to sleep under silk sheets… Use lightweight 100% cotton bedding in summer and consider sleeping only under a sheet on very hot nights.

Stay hydrated:

Drink enough water before you going to bed and always keep a glass of water next to the bed to quench your thirst at night.

Don’t overindulge at dinner:

Try to avoid eating a huge (hot) dinner and keep an eye on your eating habits. Having a light dinner, earlier in the evening, will ensure that you don’t go to bed feeling overly full and uncomfortable. Also, eating a hot dish late at night, such as a soup or very spicy food, can result in increased body temperatures.

Cool down your bedroom:

Depending on the direction of your bedroom window, close the curtains when direct sunlight enters your room, to keep it cooler. This can result in a cooler room in the afternoons. Put on your air conditioner or fan 30 minutes prior going to bed, to cool down your bedroom. You can also sleep with your windows open or your air conditioner or fan on to keep temperature more regulated.

Avoid blue light:

Approximately 30 minutes before going to bed, switch off all electronic devices to avoid your brain and eyes from being over-stimulated. Rather, read a good book or meditate before going to sleep.

Control your sleep cycle:

Work on a regular sleep cycle, by going to bed similar times at night and getting in 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Also try not to go to bed too late, as your body tends to rest best over the early morning hours. Avoid taking long afternoon naps and taking them too late in the afternoon, to ensure that you feel tired enough at night.

And for those hot summer nights…

Cool down your body:

Take a quick cold shower just before going to bed to reduce your body temperature.

We hope that these tips were useful. Let us know if we missed any or what your favourite tips and tricks are.