Aircon Online Save Money on Electricity

Aircons add to the electricity consumption of many households and offices. The latest air conditioners are built to be more energy efficient, however, we have listed a few tips and tricks to ensure that your unit remains energy efficient.

Clean your air conditioner filters twice per week and service your unit at least twice per year by a technician. Clean aircons can reduce energy consumption by 2% and are good for your general health.

Keep your home or office clean as dirt tends to make the air conditioners filters block faster, which results in your aircon having to perform harder for the same result.

If you realise that there is a minor problem with your air conditioner, rather get it fixed immediately to avoid this from causing bigger problems and possibly resulting in a much more expensive repair at a later stage.

Tinted windows ensure that less heat enters the room and remember to keep all windows closed to ensure that none of the cold air escapes the room.

If you know that you are leaving your home or office at a certain time, you can switch off your air conditioner an hour before you leave, and rather put on a fan to circulate the already cooled down air. You will be surprised by how much energy you can save with this simple trick.

In an office environment, you can install dry walls, as these can reduce the thermal energy inside a room. Although this tip is not always that practical.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you save on your electricity bill. Contact us if you know of any other useful tricks that we missed.