Aircon Online Aircon Tips

Do you want to live in a temperature-controlled environment throughout the year? Then read our top tips and trick below.

Right size:

You have to choose the correct sized air conditioner for your space. Look at our aircon size calculation to choose the right unit or call us to find the right aircon for you.

No dust:

Keep your home dust free and the air conditioner clean to ensure it runs efficiently.

Replacing filters:

It is important to replace the aircon filters regularly as they gather dust particles and can end up distributing dirty air, as well as run on more energy if not maintained properly. Follow the instructions in your manual or use a qualified technician to assist you in this regard.


Remember to get your air conditioner maintained at least twice per year. You can do this yourself but we would suggest using a qualified technician to avoid any concerns and issues with your warrantee. Regular maintenance is vital for efficiency of the unit and can result in picking up small problems faster avoiding in high replacement costs.

There are a few options of air conditioning that you can consider. Have a look at some below.

Portable air conditioners:

A cheaper but louder and less efficient option is to get your hands onto one of these units. They can be moved around the home or office to cool certain parts.

Split air conditioners:

These are the most common units and are often the most cost effective and very efficient. Now-a-days you get very pretty looking units that suit any room. Have a look at our range here.

Add central air:

By adding central air into your home or office, you don’t have to deal with the struggles of maintaining every unit, however, this is a more costly option. You will have to invest heavily initially but then maintenance and efficiency is more effective over the long term.

You can view a list of all our air conditioners or call us for any queries you might have in choosing the right air conditioner for you!