How to tell if your Air Conditioning Unit needs to be serviced


We recommend that you should get your air conditioner serviced at least every 6 months. Here are some indicators that your aircon is due for its service.

One issue would occur if your air conditioner is no longer performing as well as it used to, e.g. taking longer to cool down a room. This could mean that the fins of the aircon are blocked internally and/or externally, or the airflow of the unit is restricted.

Also keep an eye on your electricity bill and if it suddenly peaks, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is longer performing as well as it used to and is losing its energy efficiency.

Be mindful of when your air conditioning unit switches off by itself as something could be blocking the flow of electricity throughout the unit.

If your air conditioner starts emitting a bad smell or if you start hearing strange sounds, something within the unit could have burned out.

Keep an eye on the amount of water that leaks from your air conditioner. If you notice an increase, ensure that you book a service as this could result in the unit malfunctioning and increased costs at a later stage.

It is recommended to rather call in a technician when you notice any problems with your air conditioning unit, instead of waiting for the issue to become worse, as this could result in much higher repair costs.

Have a look at our list of preferred installers here for any issues you might be experiencing with you Aircon Online air conditioner. Contact us if you have any other queries in this regard.