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Air Conditioner Replacement – when do you need to do it?

Air Conditioner Replacement - how to tell when it is necessary

We often speak about air conditioner maintenance but when should you be replacing your air conditioning unit?

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to replace your unit…

Electricity bills are suddenly increasing significantly:

Has your electricity bill suddenly increased over the past few months? High power bills are a prominent indicator of the fact that your window air conditioner or split air conditioner is too old and warrants replacement. If regular repair and maintenance work was done, then the unit might need to be replaced with a newer version. Have a look at our range of air conditioners.

Your room is not cooling down:

If your air conditioner is no longer distributing the air flow efficiently, check whether the filters are clean. If they are, it could be that your unit is no longer able to perform efficiently and would need to be replaced.

Air conditioners that are 10 + years old:

Air conditioners normally last 10 to 15 years if they are serviced and maintained efficiently. After this time span the units tend to no longer preform that well (like many other appliances of a certain age). Consider getting a new unit that is more energy efficient.

Noisy air conditioning units:

Although not all aircons function silently, they shouldn’t be making a loud, jarring noise either. If you can hear a rattling or cracking sound from your air conditioner, get a technician to have a look at it. A fix or service could ensure a fully functioning air conditioner; however, the repair could also be impossible, resulting in the need to replace the unit completely.

Constant repair work needed:

We recommend servicing your air conditioner every 6 months, however, should your unit require constant servicing and repairs, it could be more cost efficient to replace the unit.

We hope that these tips were