Aircon Online Decreasing Aircon Energy Consumption


Most of our Air Conditioning Units can be used to both warm up and cool down your home or office. Here are some useful tips and tricks to keep in mind year-round to ensure that you are not wasting electricity while using your aircon.

Clean unit:

It is vital to ensure that your aircon filters are clean. Check the filters twice a month to remove any dust, dirt and other particles. This will also ensure that the air in the room is fresh.


We recommend that your air conditioner should be checked by a maintenance company at least twice per year to determine if there are any leaks or other issues before they become a serious problem. Leaks can result in your unit not cooling efficiently.

Set moderate temperatures:

Refrain from setting your air conditioner temperature to too hot or cold, as this will use more energy. Also, as per our previous article on air conditioners in the office, it is best for your health to keep the temperature from being too hot or cold to avoid your body from getting a “shock” when leaving the room.

Close windows and doors:

By keeping your windows and doors closed, the cold or hot air will not escape the room ensuring that the unit does not have to work harder than it actually has to.

Running unit smartly:

If you know that you are leaving the office or your home in the next 30 minutes, switch off the unit before you leave to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. You can also switch on your air conditioner 30 minutes before going to sleep if you want a good’s night rest. Read more on our better sleep article here.

These are just a few tips and tricks. Let us know what your best energy saving tricks are. And remember to look at our full range of air conditioners. View the air conditioner size calculation to determine which size air conditioner will be the best for you.

If you are still experiencing issues with choosing the right air conditioner, call us on 064 889 0199 for any assistance in this regard.