Aircon Online Before Buying Aircons

Everything you need to know before buying an Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner can be quite an investment for a household, hence it is vital to be fully informed on which air conditioning unit will be the right one for you before going ahead with this purchase.

Clients have to know the size of the room in cubic metres that should be cooled to ensure that the correct size air conditioner is bought. Aircons that are too small will not be able to cool down the room efficiently, while too big units would be a waste in money.

Look at the windows in the room and determine which areas are hotter than others or get too much sun through oversized windows or sliding doors, as this could also affect the size of the air conditioning unit and it might be wise to upsize the unit to compensate for this. This is called heat load, and the more there is, the bigger air conditioning unit is required. For a kitchen with big windows facing the sun you would need to upsize your aircon by 2 sizes due to the additional heat generated by the sun, appliances and cooking.

Many air-conditioners for domestic use are split units that consist of an indoor and outdoor component, hence it is wise to decide where the units will look the best at home, as well as knowing the conduct rules of sectional title units, should you stay in an estate with a body corporate. The installers would also be able to advise on suitable locations around your home.

It is wise to invest in an energy efficient unit, as this will be cheaper over the long run. Luckily the air conditioning units at Aircon Online are all energy efficient, ensuring that you don’t waste money on higher electricity bills. Clients should ensure that the maintenance and service agreements of air conditioners bought are in place. Aircon Online offers accredited installers for installations of the units to provide you with peace of mind and for clients to maintain the full warranty.

A benefit into investing into an air conditioning unit today is that most units can be used for your cooling and heating needs, ensuring that the device can be used all year-round. Good quality aircons tend to be more energy efficient than heaters, resulting in more cost savings in the long run.

At Aircon Online we offer a large variety of air-conditioning units for various room sizes and different needs to ensure that we can offer you the right solution. Get your high-quality air conditioner today at discounted prices!