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Air Conditioner Maintenance – it really is important

Air Conditioner Maintenance – it really is important

We keep on hearing about air conditioner maintenance, but it really is important to ensure that your unit runs smoothly and efficiently. By not having your air conditioner maintained at least every 6 months, your unit could be costing you more to operate than is necessary.

By maintaining your unit, you can avoid incurring steep costs to fix broken parts, as well as minimise the risk of downtime, should your aircon break. Maintenance also results in an increased lifespan of your air conditioner. Be sure to use a qualified technician to do any maintenance or service, especially for your air conditioners warrantee to remain intact.

A regular maintenance check involves the following:

  • Checking for any leaks;
  • Measuring the unit’s airflow;
  • Examining the indoor and condenser coils;
  • Testing the heating and cooling of your unit;
  • Cleaning and re-tightening connections;
  • Conducting electrical readings;
  • Inspecting the wear and tear of the unit and its parts;
  • Checking the thermostat accuracy and cleaning it if necessary;
  • And fixing any other issues that might be picked up through the inspection.

Please remember that aircon maintenance at least twice a year is vital to run your air conditioning unit properly and at lowest costs. Contact us if you have any queries.