Aircon Online Aircons in the Office

Air conditioners in an office environment can create a comfortable, pleasant working environment. Working in an air-conditioned environment can ensure that you are more productive and focused, if the temperature is set moderately (not too cold or too hot).

It is important to ensure that your air conditioner is set to provide enough air flow goes through the office, to avoid feeling sluggish or tired, so that enough oxygen circulates the room. It is also vital to ensure that the temperature is kept at a moderate setting – between 20 – 24 degrees to reduce your chances of getting sick, due to the potential of your body going into “shock-mode” when leaving the office. This can occur both in summer and winter if the temperatures vary drastically between the office and the outside temperatures.

We advise that you get up every 2-3 hours for some fresh air, a glass of water and movement, as we tend to get very comfortable in an environment that has the ideal temperature. This will also ensure that you come back to your desks refreshed. and more alert. A 5-minute break will be more than enough. By doing this, you can also avoid getting headaches from sitting in front of your laptop or desktop for too long.

Another tip can be to have some plants or a humidifier in an office environment to create some moisture in the air to avoid skin getting too dry or irritated. This can also assist in allergy seasons to avoid dry air from irritating your sinuses. You could also add a few drops of eucalyptus into the humidifier (as per manufacturer’s guidelines) if some of your colleagues or you are getting a cold. During the change of seasons and in winter, try to crack a window in the office for some fresh air and to hopefully minimise the spreading of germs and diseases.

Enjoy your air-conditioned office or home, be more efficient and follow our easy tips and tricks to stay healthy this winter.